Integrated Sales Strategy - Account Penetration

Acquiring a new customer costs 3 to 5 times as much when compared to selling to an existing customer.

A balanced focus on your customer base should include deliberate planning and action around penetrating accounts to increase market share.

Baker Communications' Account Penetration Integrated Sales Strategy delivers a focused, integrated process using industry best practices that are repeatable, scalable and measurable.

Each Sales Team will easily follow a specific cadence designed to expand business with companies with multiple subsidiaries and smaller accounts where there are opportunities yet to be explored.


Account Penetration Sales Strategy:

The mix of Integrated Sales Solution components below creates the Account Penetration Strategy and represents Baker Communications best practice recommendations.

These best practices enable a powerful selling methodology and supporting aids to focus your team’s energy on mining new opportunities with existing customers.

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Account Penetration Sales Strategies:

The components below are tightly integrated to drive a powerful selling cadence that enables a focused strategy to penetrate customer accounts.

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CRM Optimization


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