CloudCasts™ Online Training

Cloud-based communication and collaboration technologies provides a highly interactive platform to deliver learning activities and subject matter to dispersed teams.

Cloud-based technologies are rapidly advancing in their efficiency and effectiveness, but many organizations are struggling with the best way to use these new media channels and tools. The only Cloud-based training most people have ever experienced is the standard static webinar.

Unfortunately, these poorly constructed and delivered webinars can be one of the least effective ways to provide education and coaching. Over 90% of webinar participants readily admit they spend most of their webinar time multi-tasking and are not actively engaged. Many participants’ attention is quickly diverted to email and other distractions. Too often, participants report low value added and below-average knowledge transfer.

Baker Communications' CloudCasts™ are vastly different from standard online webinars. With a decade of experience delivering training and coaching in the Cloud, Baker Communications has developed proven best practices to keep participants engaged and interested in the course content while boosting interaction. Our live instructor-led CloudCast™ engagements ensure a high level of interaction and activity with all participants. CloudCast™ facilitation techniques have been refined to deliver maximum value in short-burst sessions.

Participants can choose to participate in quarterly open enrollment CloudCasts™, or arrange for a private CloudCast™ for your company at the time and subject of your choosing.