Peak Performance Coaching

Training and Coaching are vastly different and often misunderstood. Training is the “development of a skill.” Coaching is the “application of a skill in a real work environment.” In order to properly coach someone, they must possess a base set of skills that are used by the coach for mentoring in real customer situations.

In general, training is conducted with simulations and hypotheticals, not real customers. Peak Performance Coaching is an extension of solid training curriculum which anchors sustainable skills by directly linking application and feedback to live customer situations.


Coaching in the Cloud

Coaching in the Cloud is a Peak Performance and Transformation Solution delivered 100% in the Cloud. This innovative and award-winning integrated solution ignites individual, team and organizational growth. New Web 2.0 technologies enable a completely different way to communicate, collaborate and remotely develop talent in the Cloud. Coaching in the Cloud delivers enduring performance improvement and transformation staged and delivered completely in the cloud.

We align process, technology and people with domain expertise focused on the one thing that matters most; tangible performance improvement through measurable results. Leveraging the power of cloud-based communication and collaboration, we deliver targeted one-to-one and one-to-many coaching that creates high-powered performance-driven cultures focused on better serving their internal and external customers.

Coaching vs Training


How is Coaching different from Training? Many professionals confuse the two. They both support each other, but the two concepts are distinctly different and serve two different functions. A simple metaphor to clarify these differences would be to think of just about any sport and what happens during practice where players learn fundamental skills like passing and catching. Training is about “developing” skills. Coaching is the “application” of skills during a real game. Skills must be developed before they can be “applied.” Once those skills are developed, each player then applies those skills on “game day,” where Coaching takes over. During a game, the coach is focused on winning and how the players are applying their skills to score points. The Coach provides direction and guidance based on what is actually happening during the game and how the competition is responding.

How does it work

Leveraging the dynamic capabilities of software as a service and cloud-based collaboration technologies, Coaching in the Cloud delivers a comprehensive performance improvement framework including:

  • A Business Optimization Team that will ensure systems are maximized for peak performance
  • An Expert Coach that works directly with teams each week to increase productivity and throughput
  • Disciplined coaching delivered in burst sessions designed to sustain performance and growth

Coaching in the Cloud takes advantage of cloud-based systems and tools to remotely link geographically dispersed teams and experts with each other so they can focus on the “application” of skills to real business situations. By focusing on real business outcomes instead of developing skills in a vacuum, managers are able to identify performance improvement opportunities that directly impact individual, team and organizational performance. Coaching in the Cloud is the perfect balance of manager and team interaction, which is then guided by an expert in short burst sessions to drive results.