Training Delivery Methods

Classroom Workshops

Training Workshops are available in a public format or a private on-site format at a location and date of your choice.

Our workshops are highly experiential, combining knowledge transfer with structured practice and performance feedback. Industry specific case studies and application exercises provide meaningful context to the participant experience.
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CloudCasts™- Online training

CloudCasts™ are live, highly interactive, workshops staged and delivered 100% in the Cloud.

They are ideal for delivering highly focused Peak Performance engagements for any skill set. CloudCasts™ provide several benefits such as zero travel cost, drastically reduced lost time out of the field and increased agility with just-in-time delivery. CloudCasts™ are instructor-led performance improvement engagements delivered in 60 minute burst sessions.

When delivered in a cadence, CloudCasts™ include weekly field work assignments supported by performance coaching that close the loop and anchor newly acquired skills. CloudCasts™ are available in private or public format for the following topics.


Custom Training

In many cases, a combination of both classroom courses and CloudCasts are implemented to achieve specific outcomes.

Often a package will include a combination of delivery methods depending on the complexity of the initiative, the location, languages of the participants, the amount of time available, and ultimately the outcomes desired.

With over 30 years of experience delivering and helping our customers improve sustainable performance improvement outcomes and ROI. Baker Communications is uniquely positioned to partner with you to create customized solutions that will help you achieve your goals.