Media Training Solutions

Baker Communications partners with some of the world’s most influential and well-known media companies to increase ad sales, reduce customer churn, eliminate inefficiencies and take advantage of best-in-class CRM solutions. Our focus when working with newspaper, radio, television and online publications is to increase team performance in the rapidly changing world of media.

With each media company who partners with Baker Communications, our industry knowledge increases and our ability to find innovative solutions to a difficult business environment grows. We identify, integrate and deploy the right mix of internal and external industry best practices that provide you with a unique perspective to deliver specific media-related outcomes.

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Our industry solutions team includes experienced business analysts, designers, coaches, trainers and developers that understand the unique needs of this rapidly changing vertical.

Media Training Solutions

  • Building Media Pipeline
  • Identifying Media Customer Needs/ Pain
  • Selecting the Best Media Option
  • Advancing Media Opportunities
  • Media Presentation Skills
  • Media Virtual Presentations
  • Media Negotiation Skills
  • Managing Media Sales Teams
  • Closing Media Opportunities



Integrated Strategies

Baker Communications’ Integrated Sales Strategies deliver end-to-end Performance Improvement Systems that integrate strategy design, assessment, Peak Performance Training, Coaching, Tools and Measurement.
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