Integrated Sales Strategy - New Product/Service Launch

When a company launches a new product or service it is critical that the sales team is not only educated and capable of properly messaging the details, but they must also be operationally prepared to introduce the product into the market.

Many launches experience diminished value and ROI simply because the sales organization is not prepared to take action with the right customers, sales aids and activities.

This New Product/Service Launch Integrated Sales Strategy delivers a focused, integrated service using industry best practices that are repeatable, scalable and measurable. Each Sales Team will easily follow a specific program designed to introduce and position new products and services.


New Product/Service Launch Sales Strategy:

The mix of Integrated Solution components below creates the New Product/Service Launch Strategy and represents our best practice recommendations.

Applying these techniques will provide a powerful selling methodology and supporting aids to deliver consistent market penetration for new products and/or services and create ROI.

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New Product/Service Launch Sales Strategies:

The components below are tightly integrated to drive a powerful selling cadence that enables a focused strategy to Launch New Products/Services.

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