Training Tools

Accelerating the outcome of vital business processes is a fundamental goal for any company. Implementing new systems, tools and selling aides to automate or enable employees to accomplish more with less effort is a common strategy to improve productivity. However, too often organizations will deploy tools thinking they are a “silver bullet” for transforming their business. Simply implementing a tool on its own will not deliver the expected sustainable outcomes.

Baker Communications balances change between process, technology and people in order to deliver sustainable behavioral transformation. We developed specific productivity tools and partnered with best of breed providers to accelerate marketing, sales and operations processes to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue. 


CloudCoach™ is an application designed to drive, support and track both team and individual coaching plans. Micro training modules called SkillBursts™ are linked to coaching plans to ignite and accelerate individual and team growth.

Rapid Rx
RAPID Rx delivers management-facing, targeted, qualitative and quantitative action plans based on expert analysis of a team’s actual sales performance metrics.

HomeRun! automatically manages, meters and synchronizes the ideal cadence of integrated sales and marketing activity to produce higher connect rates and qualified pipeline. This solution is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Q is a “Push” technology platform that delivers high-frequency, high-impact communications and reinforcement. Q engages employees in short knowledge refreshment sessions on a regular schedule to help them remember specific skills and best practices over time. is an enterprise cloud computing company that is leading the effort to bring its customers the necessary social collaboration, mobility and openness for tomorrow’s enterprise.