Integrated Sales Strategy - Time Management

Getting More Out of YOU!” Matthew Demgen, Inside Sales, Strategic Accounts, at VMware, describes the benefits he has received by applying the principles he has learned from “Getting More Out of YOU!” on the job everyday:

It’s a relief seeing that “0” in my inbox. I went from about 4,000 email to “0”. Makes me feel so much more organized and gives me a very clear picture on how I’m going to attack the day”.

We are all over tasked, over informed, over scheduled and over commited. Regardless of how many people you manage, how many projects you are involved in, how many customers you call on, or how many bosses you have, you have more control over your productivity than you think.

Managing your personal productivity is perhaps the single most important skill you must have. Every day it is getting more and more difficult to get important work done. Social media, emails, calls, meetings, tasks, texting and any number of other activities have completely changed the dynamics of how we manage our day.

New technologies are supposed to help us be more efficient and effective. However, it is much easier for people to get distracted. Each week, a typical worker receives more than 500 emails, 200 phone calls, participates in more than 20 meetings and conference calls, and reads and responds to endless social posts. If this sounds like you, then this integrated sales strategy will help you get control of your business and personal life.

Time Management Strategy:

The mix of Integrated Solution components below creates the Personal Productivity Strategy and represents our best practice recommendations.

Applying these techniques will provide a powerful methodology of productivity enhancing strategies and tactics focused on maximizing your time and output.

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Time Management Strategies:

The components below are tightly integrated to drive a powerful cadence focused on personal productivity.

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Other Integrated Sales Strategies: