Integrated Sales Strategy - Rapid Lead Response

“The early bird gets the worm.” One of the quickest ways to gain the competitive advantage is to respond to leads faster than your competitors.

The Rapid Lead Response Integrated Strategy will help you achieve two main outcomes. The first is to clear out any backlog of leads. The second is to accelerate the response rates and consistency of responses for new leads.  

Sales Makers will improve time to response for new leads and build “response muscle memory.” Each Sales Maker will be able to reduce time to respond and build muscle memory.


Rapid Lead Response Strategy:

The mix of Integrated Sales Strategy components below creates the Rapid Lead Response Strategy and represents our best practice recommendations.

Applying these techniques will provide a powerful selling methodology and supporting aids to deliver a timely and consistent response to existing and/or new leads.

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Rapid Lead Response Strategies:

The components below are tightly integrated to drive a powerful selling cadence that enables a focused strategy to Rapidly Respond to Leads.

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Other Integrated Sales Strategies: