Integrated Sales Strategy - Sales Manager Coaching

Effective leadership requires the ability to manage and coach employees and to manage processes and technology, focusing activity to achieve the organization's goals.

Most leaders focus solely on “managing” their environment to accomplish tasks and results. One of the most powerful skills for a leader to possess and develop is the ability to coach and mentor with a focus on quantitative results. This skill generally separates good managers from great leaders.

The Sales Manager Coaching Integrated Strategy transforms Sales Managers from spreadsheet jockeys into true sales team enablers. This strategy empowers participants with experiential learning techniques to shift their mindset from manager to coach.


Sales Manager Coaching Strategy:

The mix of Integrated Solution components below creates the Sales Manager Coaching Strategy and represents our best practice recommendations for transforming Sales Managers into true Sales Leaders.

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Sales Manager Coaching Strategies:

The components below are tightly integrated to drive a powerful selling cadence that enables a focused strategy to Transform Sales Managers into Coaches.

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