Integrated Sales Strategy - Salesforce CRM BaseCamp

There are many challenges a company will face when implementing any new system such as a CRM system. Implementation and integration must happen smoothly and integrate best practices linking business processes and user dimensions. “Going live” with a new enterprise application like Salesforce CRM is only part of the ongoing success formula.

The key to success is implementing a sustainable adoption plan that delivers measureable return on investment and true organizational transformation. If front line users can’t quickly implement change into their daily workflow, then the implementation will suffer and ROI may be elusive. Worst of all, users may completely reject the new system and find ways to work around it.

Jackie Meddles is one of Gannett’s top-rated sales makers, now a Salesforce CRM Convert:

My energy level went up as I forced myself to use it and began seeing that it can help me,” said Meddles. “I felt like Pam understood me and was empathetic. I am a fan of the mobile version [of Salesforce CRM], because I am out a lot. I thought I was organized, but I had follow up notes on different pads of paper, in the cash report, files, sticky notes and through emails. So it is nice to have one place to go for everything and am not doubling the work. It is quick and easy and I have a place to go where I can see all pipeline opportunities. I am late in the game, but I am in the game.

The solution is executing a comprehensive adoption plan that provides foundational best practices and methods to quickly on-ramp new users. Salesforce CRM BaseCamp™ is a repeatable, scalable and proven integrated solution that ensures a successful Salesforce CRM end-user launch. At the core of Salesforce CRM BaseCamp™ are highly interactive 60-90 minute Coaching in the Cloud™ Performance Training and Coaching sessions staged and delivered 100% in the Cloud.

Sales Makers and Manager will learn by working with real customer and opportunity data. Our award winning Coaching in the Cloud™ delivery methodology is at the core of many global deployments for some of world’s largest companies. Ultimately, Salesforce CRM BaseCamp™ will lay the foundation for a culture of opportunity and pipeline management based on best practices and incremental value.

Below are a few learning objectives from Salesforce CRM BaseCamp™

  1. Track all leads from lead to opportunity to closed sale
  2. Use tabs like Opportunities to keep track of your deals
  3. Gain better visibility into pipeline with Dashboards
  4. Stay on top of calendars with Outlook integration
  5. Utilize tasks to manage sales activities
  6. Increase daily efficiency with the home tab
  7. Track all activities on a specific opportunity
  8. Track future activities without relying on memory
  9. Keep track of all client communication


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