What is RAPID Rx?

  • RAPID Rx delivers management facing, targeted, qualitative and quantitative action plans based on expert analysis of a team’s actual sales performance metrics
What does that mean?
  • An expert sales coach will analyze sales performance data from specific dashboards and reports to identify high value areas that require immediate management attention
  • Sales managers use RAPID Rx reports as a “prescription” and guide to investigate, evaluate and take targeted coaching actions that will immediately impact their sales team efforts in converting leads and opportunities
How do you do that?
  • RAPID Rx reports are delivered to management twice per month based on real sales performance metrics
  • Designated sales meeting are recorded “in-the-cloud” while sales metrics are analyzed
  • An expert sales coach reviews and analyzes the recording, key performance metrics, dashboards and reports to identify target areas that require attention
  • The coach will then prepare a RAPID Rx report providing feedback and a targeted action plan that the manager can immediately use to advance their team
  • The result is faster conversion of opportunities by ensuring meaningful and powerful pipeline reviews and team meetings based on real accounts and opportunities

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