Ignite your Growth with Coaching in the Sales Cloud™

Leveraging our first-to-market and best-in-class Coaching in the Sales Cloud solutions will increase sales and marketing effectiveness while simultaneously unlocking your investment in Salesforce CRM. Sales teams will be led through weekly burst sessions “in-the-cloud” with the explicit objective of identifying, advancing and converting qualified opportunities while simultaneously driving CRM best practices.

By remaining focused on pipeline management and revenue generation, Sales Makers and Managers actively develop and apply best practices and skills that translate into revenue. Coaching in the Sales Cloud offerings are rapidly delivered, massively scalable, and highly customizable.

Maximizing salesforce.com with Coaching in the Cloud (3:16)

Client Testimonials:

Roy Schwartz CRO at Politico discusses the impact Baker Communications' Coaching in the Cloud had on their salesforce.com implementation (3:24)

Gannett discusses how salesforce.com unites their 2000 sales rep under the supervision of Baker Communications with their Coaching in the Sales Cloud service. (2:59)