Ignite your Growth with Coaching in the Service Cloud™

Coaching in the Service Cloud solutions are proven to develop lasting best practices for managing queues of internal and external customer support requests through Salesforce CRM Support Cloud. Accelerating the resolution cycle and increasing customer satisfaction are key outcomes from executing a weekly cadence of disciplined activities that are designed to give Support Agents the tools and the knowledge to effectively close more tickets. As Agents and Managers engage with our Expert Support Coach, teams will be focused on creating “muscle memory” around Salesforce CRM Support Cloud. This will unlock your investment and realize measureable ROI. Support teams will be led through weekly burst sessions “in the Cloud” with the explicit objective of accelerating resolution times. At the same time, they will deliver exceptional customer support experiences consistently while simultaneously driving CRM best practices.

By remaining focused on enablement through instruction on data entry, business processes, and decision-making criteria, Customer Service Managers and Agents will actively develop and apply best practices and skills that translate into greater adoption of the tool and tangible metrics that will justify your investment. This approach is designed to leverage the Service Cloud, while elevating and improving “relationships” with customers to better service their needs. Coaching in the Service Cloud offerings can be rapidly delivered, are scalable to all sizes of support organizations, and are highly customizable to fit any organization’s needs.