Presentation Training - Public Speaking

You usually get what you ask for – and your presentation skills are the tools and means to get what you want. There are primarily three different levels of presentation skills that you use in your career: Business Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Communication Skills.

From project meetings to customer calls to executive interactions to board and shareholder conferences, success rarely rests on the message itself. It is not just what you say but how you say it. It is the skill with which the message is delivered.

Baker Communications' award winning (Marathon Distinguished Training award, Federal Express Simulation medal, National Eagle Distributors award, Olympic Training medal) public speaking training uniquely positions a mix of expertise, engagement, insight and processes that directly impacts the effectiveness for any presentation assignment.

Public speaking courses are available in a public format or in a private seminar at the location of your choice.

STORM™ is Baker Communication’s unique, proprietary process for delivering online presentation training using a live, highly interactive, web-based class.

The most effective way to achieve your desired outcome is through a blended process that leverages the advantages of both online presentation coaching and classroom presentation training.

Video of Baker Communications' CEO Walter Rogers discussing how to improve your presentation skills (2:55)