Testimonials and Success Stories

Client Testimonials

Gannett“My energy level went up as I forced myself to use it and began seeing that it (Salesforce) can help me...I felt like Pam understood me and was empathetic. I am a fan of the mobile version [of Salesforce CRM], because I am out a lot. Now that I have one work phone, I am not doubling the work. I like everything streamlined, and having my calendar and tasks in one place. I thought I was organized, but I had follow up notes on different pads of paper, in the cash report, files, sticky notes and through emails. So it is nice to have one place to go for everything. It took me awhile to put even one opportunity in, but now that I am used to it, it is nice (and quick and easy) to have a place to go where I can see all pipeline opportunities. I am late in the game, but I am in the game.”

Jackie Meddles, Gannett - Sales

"Participating in Baker's leadership programs have been a game changer for me professionally. His inspirational and engaging approach has accelerated my ability to impact my team, and most importantly, the performance of my business.

In 15 years of enterprise software, I have been involved in a countless number of sales enablement programs, of which, none have provided me with the real world experience and refreshing approach that Baker has to offer.

I would recommend Baker's sales expertise to any leader that is building a high performing team."

Ryan Fincher, Regional Director - Southwest at QlikTech

American express "The class size was one of the major reasons why I chose Baker and as expected it provided a fantastic atmosphere for the class to share and learn from the instructor as well as each other. I also felt the class materials were used effectively to help me understand the methods recommended by Baker. The process and group activities helped to organize and clarify why time management is critical to goal achievement."

Thomas A. Reis
Senior Project Manager American Express

" In the business of sales we tend to only think about our quota, money, what's in it for me attitude. When most of the time if we just thought how we can truly give or do something sincere and sometimes not even business related, that in time it "WILL" come back to you ten fold.

Thank you for reminding me that you have to give in order to receive. Highly recommend working with Baker to help you keep things in perspective and to remind you that in any relationship it has to be a win-win and in doing so you can really separate yourself from the competition.

Harold Lance, Account Manager at BSI

DellThank you so much the presentation training you provided last week. I thought the class material was excellent.

I went into the class thinking I already knew how to deliver effective presentations, and came out of the class realizing just how much better I can become. I particularly enjoyed the training on effective hand gestures, and plan on incorporating more gestures into all of my presentations.

Ryan Quarles
Sales Representative
Dell, Inc.

"We are delighted we chose to attend your selling skills workshop. As professional sales trainers our expectations were that we would learn something we could use with our sales trainees but never in this world did we expect such a fulfilling learning experience that taught us so much."

James Davis, Penny Sadler, Amy Dooling, Sharon Bailey
Saint Louis, Missouri - Little Rock, Arkansas

" Atlas AirThis class was the best professional training I've had in years!

Overall, I learned that the role of the manager is not to know how to execute the detailed areas of expertise of the employees (which I've been trying to do for a year now). The manager's role is to enable communication and to coordinate time tables, projects and resources to enhance employee development and achieve company goals. "

"Walking into the room, I was still 1/2 skeptical about investing 3 days out of the work week to attend a sales training course. Not saying I'm the world's best salesperson, but at the time, I was convinced the course would be much similar to the monotonous & monotone "if I could, would you then" rudimentary, Wikipedia sounding, watching paint dry level of engagement, scripted sales courses attended numerous times in the past.

That was until the first 25 seconds after the instructor began to speak. And boy, could I have been any more wrong.

What impressed me the most was the way the instructor was able to bridge the gap between theoretical strategies and real life applicability. Which in turn, made applying the newly acquired knowledge much more meaningful and smooth. He wasn't afraid to share his own setbacks on different things he's tried, and would even give credit to his "sources" in which he was able to compile such a vast wealth of knowledge to share and help others with. While there may have been a few ideas/topics mentioned during the 3 days that I was previously familiar with, the way it was presented and unwrapped really made me think much further and deeper about those topics than previously before. He is a true master of his craft, who was able to really challenge my critical thinking skills and I'm proud to say has furthered me on my path to success. Anyone can be good, so reach for great."

Dennis Chen, Account Manager - BSI

"I have worked with Baker through numerous sales,negotiations, and presentation training programs. They are truly professional what they do, with a wealth of knowledge on these topics. I look forward to working with Bakerl in the future and would highly recommend them."

Chris Sharpe, National Account Manager at MTD Products, Inc

Roy Schwartz CRO at Politico discusses the impact Baker Communications' Coaching in the Cloud had on their salesforce.com implementation (3:24)

Gannett discusses how salesforce.com unites their 2000 sales rep under the supervision of Baker Communications with their Coaching in the Sales Cloud service. (2:59)