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Getting to World Class Performance

BCI is committed to helping you achieve world class performance. That's the top 2% of performance in any discipline. It's where top athletes find their home, where top sellers receive double comma incomes, where leaders take their teams to new heights, and where companies leave their competition behind. And surprisingly, it sometimes takes only a small change in some of the fundamentals. We call it the 2MM shift.

The earning difference between the leading money winner on the PGA tour and the 'average' PGA money earner was $7,367,630 through August of 2017. The scoring difference was less than 1.9 strokes. The top 2% of the tour players averaged $6,220,722 in income, and all of them made more than $4,618,250. The average PGA tour player, based on the average touring pro score, was $755,777.
Standard Classroom Training
Add Sales Mastery on Demand
Then add reinforcement and embedded training
And add performance coaching

To be better than 98% of your peers requires that you partner with a training organization that not only uses proven concepts that have been tested by organizations of all sizes, including over 50% of the Fortune 500; it also requires that your partner has the trainers, coaches, and tools that have been proven to push performance into this top tier of performance.

Meet BCI. Last year seven of our customers won top industry awards for their training and performance. Four of them finished in the top 5 positions of the global Learning! 100 awards. That kind of performance new approaches, which is why we believe that…

World-class performance never happens by accident








Our approach begins with unique classroom and online training. We then use a mobile learning reinforcement tool and gamification to augment more traditional individual, manager and team coaching. We take the training a step further by providing the ability to embed online training inside most CRMs and other software to provide learning and coaching during normal work flows.

Virtual Live Workshops & Coaching

Experience our award winning workshops from any internet enabled device and improve your skills from anywhere.

Live Workshops & Coaching | Public or Onsite

Skills improve rapidly through the use of group activities, role plays, and self-reflection. Group discussions, videotaped exercises, as well as simulations or games help improve the experience even more.

24 x 7 On-Demand Sales Mastery eLearning Libraries

Select from over 140 micro-learning videos to continuously reinforce and develop skills. These videos are 2-5 minutes long and provide quick summaries on a wide range of topics.

Custom Courses, Video Production & eLearning

View custom videos provided to further develop high priority company topics and skills

Embedded Training and Messaging in CRMs

KnowledgeNow & MessageNow (patented technology)

Performance Consulting & Instructional Design

Coaching is the glue that insures managers and sellers collaborate with each other as they work together.