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"Rep productivity increased by 25% in terms of quarterly sales bookings & pipeline increased by 30%. That translates to $1.5M in annualized revenue and $6M in pipeline."

LEARN FROM AWS’s TRAINING PARTNER - AWS has authorized its sales training partner, Baker Communications, to begin training AWS partners using the same Outcome-Based Account Management (OBAM) selling program that has been rolled out internally at AWS.

OBAM has made a huge difference in improving the effectiveness of our salesforce. We are now authorizing Baker Communications to offer that same training to our partners. We hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Mike Clayville, SVP Commercial Sales Amazon Web Services

Training Outcomes For Your Team

According to Mike Clayville, AWS is not trying to sell parts and pieces or technology. Instead, the goal of the OBAM approach is to help customers get their business outcomes. Clayville goes on to say, "Our job is to sit down and help. We really talk about it as the four E's: explore, engage, empathize and enable. Those four E's are ingrained in the behaviors of our teams that are really supporting this notion of problem solving, identifying business outcomes, creating a path for those business outcomes to be achieved and then helping the customer achieve those business outcomes."

Day 1 - EXPLORE - The Customer Obsession, Learn and Be Curious Stage

  • An understanding of the L-C-C-P navigation technique for research on the customer and key stakeholders;
  • An understanding of how to extract a customer’s strategic programs, create a stakeholder map, identify their Cloud Stage of Adoption, and their KPI’s;
  • How to develop a specific business impact for your customers, establish risk factors for staying with status quo, and the probable KPI impact of the AWS solution; and
  • Two “How To” Case Studies Covering: Research, Business Impact, and Crafting Initial Messaging.

Day 1 - ENGAGE - The Earn Trust, Think Big Stage

  • Learn the Amazonian 7 Rules of Engagement Approach for written and oral communications with customers;
  • Learn Strategic Inquiry Techniques to establish your role as a trusted advisor;
  • Learn how to educate the customer using the Amazonian Same Side of the Table approach;
  • Learn how to avoid commodity slicing and how to apply the correct sales play based on the customer’s desired outcomes;
  • Learn the Amazonian Engagement Wheel, and how to introduce mental models and concepts; and
  • Five “How To” Case Studies Covering: Rewrite Initial Messaging, Create L-C-C-P Inquiry Questions, the Flashlight Drill, and Sales Play Presentation.

Day 2 - EMPATHIZE - The Dive Deep, Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit Stage

  • Learn how to prioritize outcomes by returning to our navigation points in our L-C-C-P approach;
  • Learn how to apply the 3C Objection Model and how to properly voice your opinions;
  • Learn the 4 Key Personality and Organizational Types and how to adjust your approach to maximize the exchange;
  • Learn how to discover the personal benefits and motives of the stakeholder(s);
  • Class Exercises: Objection Handling & Buyer Personality Identification; and
  • Case Study: How to Discover Stakeholder Personal Motives.

Day 2 - ENABLE - The Deliver Results, Invent and Simply Stage

  • Learn how to use the Agreement Staircase to confirm value proposition, and define roles and responsibilities;
  • Learn how to leverage Force Multipliers that are unique to AWS;
  • Learn how to build a Visual Road Map to present the customer solution in simple terms; and
  • Two “How To” Case Studies: Defining Customer Win Themes, and Creating the Customer Solution Presentation.

"The team’s feedback was outstanding, but most importantly they put these new skills to use immediately and, I have no doubt, led to sales that otherwise may have gone the other way. We continue to work with the Baker Communications Team and I am happy to give them a strong recommendation for any organization looking to improve the ability of their sales team to understand client drivers and win more deals.

Paul Jacoby,
SVP of Sales and Client Services

Engaging, personalized and 100% on are three ways I would describe this training. The preparation that’s put into these engagements is evident and leads to the success of the team and the training. One notices that the facilitator spent hours understanding the audience, what motivates them, and who they are as people. It was clear the time spent upfront creates a personalized touch to each training venue."

Jeff Aden,
EVP of Marketing & Strategic Business
Development & Co-Founder 2nd Watch

Gartner's Magic Quadrant

One reference point worthy of note is Gartner's Magic Quadrant. The upper right quadrant is considered the magic quadrant where world class performers are identified. The determining factors are "completeness of vision" and a company's "ability to execute on that vision." Both Logicworks and 2nd Watch have achieved that position in Gartner's research on "Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide.

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