Course Outcomes:

  • Build trust with different customer types
  • Understand critical buying factors
  • Perform in-depth needs analysis
  • Guide the customer through the buying journey
  • Anticipate and handle objections

Having Trouble Closing Sales?

Consultative Selling Skills teaches sales organizations and people to stop "pushing" their products and start "pulling" customers. The program focuses on building trust and learning to motivate customers by cultivating a deeper understanding of their needs. They want people they like and trust to help them work through the buying process. Customers want a relationship, not just a transaction.

Consultative Selling Skills is a virtual or face to face workshop using a highly interactive, multimedia approach, appealing to different learning styles. Key working tools include workbook exercises, role plays, and debriefings. This customized program is designed to solve problems and concerns present in your current selling environment.

Available in the Following Formats:

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