Stephanie Ulrich - Marketing Manager, ESHA Research

"I really think this is going to help our marketing team work through objections and improve their confidence level."

Matthew Polletta - Executive VP, Sales, InCrowd

"The two days went by quickly and the entire team was engaged throughout. Everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment, as well as some immediate steps that can be taken to improve our sales. "

Brandon Ivy - Sales rep., Aim Directional Services, LLC

"This was a very unique and eye opening class. This will increase my ability to sell and establish relationships. "

Joe Ard - Tire Pros

"Conversations at breaks and dinner we're all positive from the dealers, and there were many comments about being one of the best training classes that we've had."

Jeff Livarchik - Sales, Chevron Phillips Chemical

"The instructor was great. His training was very entertaining and value-added. I will implement the skills learned in this course immediately! "