Customer Outcome Selling

Selling has changed...

Selling has changed...

Once upon a time, sales representatives went into the field and "pushed" their products. They did their best to sell through cold calling, knocking on doors, and one-size-fits-all sales pitches. The goal was to sell, sell, sell. And the means to that end were often left up to the sales rep. Those days are gone. Customers are now better informed regarding the options available to them, and often already have a solution in mind to help them achieve the outcomes they need.

Despite this change, the importance of the sales maker’s role has not decreased in the slightest. In fact, 70% of a customer's decision to buy is still based on a favorable interaction with a sales maker. That means that even though customers don't want to be "sold," they do want help and guidance with their buying decisions from someone they like and trust.

Customer Outcome Selling provides an end-to-end sales process experience, supported by 15 e-learning videos. This program includes best practices for territory and account planning, customer research, cold calling and setting appointments, understanding customer behavior, and planning and executing successful customer conversations that will help drive new business and higher margins.

Customer Success

"The selling course offered by The Baker Companies is, I feel, the best investment toward business/sales skills I have ever made. With the ‘real life’ drills done in the class to simulate situations that would occur in the business field, it committed more information to memory than any previous class I had been to.

Laren Shoup, Chevron Chemical Company

Delivery Methods

Our Customer Outcome Selling training is available in a variety of formats to best match your needs. Click the Delivery Methods below to learn more.

Public Workshops
Available throughout the country in over 20 cities. Perfect for individuals or small groups. See the schedule
Private Workshops
We bring the training to your location. Available in an off-the-shelf format, or with customized features created to meet your requirements.
Virtual Coaching
Delivered totally online to cut out travel costs, our virtual sessions are designed to keep participants engaged through relevant training, activities for practice, and ongoing reinforcement.
24/7 access to award-winning negotiation training, learn and practice critical skills anytime, anywhere, on any device, over 100 interactive videos designed to maximize engagement.
Make learning fun, flexible and memorable with online games. A great tool for reinforcement, tracking your team's progress, and identifying growth opportunities.

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Each of our sales training solutions is led by one of our certified professional sales trainers - all of whom are expert sales people and facilitators with a proven ability to tailor the training to your specific goals.

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