• Develop a customer outcome mindset
  • Create value through insights, organized research and a prepared approach
  • Validate your research and learn about the customer's outcomes
  • Build the solution that will enable the customer to achieve their outcomes
  • Welcome challenges as opportunities to negotiate an agreement that strengthens the solution
  • Deepen the relationship and discover new needs through ongoing evaluation and connection

Are you looking to close more sales and deepen your relationships with customers?

Gain the insights and skills to create authentic connections and focus on your customer.

We are changing the sales motion to focus on the customers and their outcomes rather than pushing products or services. The Outcome Selling Methodology is developed with the customer in mind, starting with their outcomes and working backward. As a result of this workshop sellers will be able to explain why an outcome-based mindset drives results and how to effectively find leads, gain insights, and reach out to prospects with the customer at the core focus every step of the way.

We start by diving deep into your organization's selling capabilities through the Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA). Outcome Selling's key frameworks are the 5D Selling Methodology and SOLVE. The 5D Selling Methodology is your roadmap to build trust and deepen your customer relationships. SOLVE helps you dive deep in order to uncover your customers' desired outcomes. By combining these three, you will gain your customer's trust in your ability to help them achieve their unique outcomes.

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