Course Outcomes:

  • Define what a personal brand is and how it might show up at work
  • Explore the benefits of a personal brand
  • Create your personal brand
  • Discover how you may want to modify your personal brand
  • Strategies on how to check in on your brand and improve it over time

Are you looking to promote your authentic self and grow your personal brand?

With today's technology and media presence it's important to know your personal brand and how to modify it if necessary. Mastering your personal brand will allow you to celebrate your strengths, focus on who you are authentically, and where you want to go. Your personal brand can even create opportunities for career growth.

Discover the skills and tools needed to draft your personal brand to align with who you are. If you already have a personal brand drafted, you will find out how you can modify it. As you grow, so will your brand.

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