Mr. Garrett Murphy - VP of Sales, Vector Controls

"This class was excellent. Both the material and instructor were extrememly relevant to what needs I brought to the class. I honestly feel better equiped returning to my team."

Scott Maloney - Territory Manager, Hughes Network Systems

"This was an excellent seminar that holds your attention. It leaves you with some simple, easy to remember skills that can be quickly implemented. "

Jennifer McGraw - Sales, Stericycle

"This class was fantastic. I feel like I have been given the tools to be a more successful manager."

Jason Brannan - CVR Energy

"I felt the class brought several items to light that I needed to improve on, but was also a good confindence booster in the aspect of seeing the many items I had already been performing well. "

Julia Spahalski - Sales, NSA Georgia

"Awesome experience...instructor really listened to our situation and sought to tailor training to meet our needs. "