Course Outcomes:

  • Better understand, communicate with, and motivate team members by assessing their individual behavioral styles
  • Apply the five C's of good communication
  • Identify the differences between being a manager and being a coach
  • Explore how to become a transformational leader versus transactional manager in your encounters
  • Implement the GROWTH coaching model
  • Determine the different steps of effective delegation
  • Outline the characteristics of highly effective sales managers

Are you having trouble motivating your employees and making quota?

Every individual communicates, responds, and learns in diverse ways. How can you lead individuals in the way that they need to guide them to maximum improvement and greater success? The first way is to learn your own behavior style and how to identify others to run coaching sessions more smoothly and effectively. You can also build trust faster and communicate more effectively with team members.

Sales reps are not looking for someone to tell them that they need to do better. Sales reps are seeking someone who will guide them to improve skills and become more successful. In order to do so, it will take focused 1:1 time and deeper engagement levels. How can you do this in your already busy work week? Find out through GROWTH coaching.

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