Course Outcomes:

  • Understand your own behavioral style and those of others
  • Enhance your level of engagement and make a greater impact
  • Explore how to identify expectations
  • Compose a communication plan
  • Refine your communication skills

Are you ready to make a bigger impact on your organization?

Executive leaders in most organizations spend an average of 16 hours a week attending meetings, and another eight hours managing other communications like email and phone calls. Their time is valuable, and so is yours; therefore, it is so important to communicate effectively and efficiently, especially when interacting with senior leadership.

Throughout the Impactful Business Communications workshop, you will discover how to identify expectations from senior leaders and create a meeting business communication plan. You will also demonstrate and refine your communication skills through practice scenarios. Impactful Business Communications will allow you to enhance your level of impact while attending any type of meeting, virtual or face-to-face, including meetings with senior leaders.

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