Course Outcomes:

  • Identify your own behavioral style and be able to flex to other styles
  • Master how to understand and appreciate your team members
  • Motivate your team members to higher performance
  • Effectively coach your team members
  • Implement the GROWTH Coaching model

Have you ever been speaking with an employee and felt that somehow you couldn’t understand each other?

Being a manager is a complicated job. Most of our presumptions of what a manager is or does come from our subjective observations. However, once we get into that management position, we get our first taste of reality and discover it is much harder than it looks!

Managers have to juggle diverse, often ambiguous, responsibilities and are tangled in a web of relationships with people who often make conflicting demands: subordinates, bosses, and others inside and outside of the organization. As a result, the daily routine in management is often hectic, fragmented and filled with pressure.

As a manager, you will be pulled in many different directions. Learn the skills needed to be a successful manager and leader today!

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