Course Outcomes:

  • Comprehend the key things you can do to develop the right mindset for remote selling
  • Have the confidence to adapt to the platform preferences of your customer, so you can interact on their terms
  • Evaluate your social selling presence and create strategies for improvement
  • Identify the best practices you can use to prepare for a virtual customer meeting
  • Drive interaction within a virtual space to ensure customer engagement
  • Develop your skills in handling difficult situations and conflict remotely

Are you Ready to Thrive in a Virtual Selling Environment?

With over 90% of sales being virtual now, it is imperative to understand how to translate your skills into a virtual setting

In the Virtual Selling workshop, sales professionals will discover the key mindset, skillset and toolset to engage and progress opportunities through the sales cycle while working remotely. By maximizing the customer experience, sellers will not only find themselves able to maintain current relationships but begin to accelerate the velocity of opportunities. You'll gain the skills to sell remotely with Baker Communication's Virtual Selling workshop.

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