Course Outcomes:

  • Identify the keys to assertiveness
  • Learn to recognize fear and anger styles
  • Identify different behavior styles
  • Communicate through different strategies and skills
  • Prepare for an assertive conversation
  • Learn how to express yourself assertively

How do you make sure you are able to get your point across without treating others with disrespect? 

Assertiveness is often misunderstood but a very important skill for reaching satisfying outcomes in life. We encounter situations and personalities every day that the people are more assertive than others, but also how to overwhelm us.

Assertiveness helps you react and respond to these situations, ensuring that your voice and opinions receive equal time and weight. It is useful to discover not only why some people are more assertive than others, but also how to communicate assertively and effectively. Most people find assertiveness to be a very awkward way to communicate, especially at first.

For that reason, it is always best to plan in advance whenever you recognize the need to have an assertive conversation with someone. Learn how to identify and understand the different styles of anger and how to express yourself assertively with BCI’s Assertiveness Skills.

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