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Cloud Selling Workshop Series

Selling the cloud vision is very different than selling data center solutions. Customers will only grow with you if they are realizing value from their cloud investments. In order to create that value sales teams must focus on enabling specific business outcomes, which ultimately drives cloud consumption, growth and renewals. Education is one of the most effective mechanisms to align selling behavior with today's cloud buyer going through various stages of cloud adoption. Led by experienced technology sales facilitators and former CXO's, workshops and supporting programs are designed to help sales teams adjust their approach when selling cloud solutions. Workshops include case studies for multiple industry segments, pricing tools and are available as standalone offerings or as customized programs unfolding over time as skills are learned, practiced and applied

Cloud Selling Essentials*
New - coming Fall of 2018
  • What is the Cloud?
  • How does the Cloud work?
  • How to position the Cloud for builders vs buyers
  • Activity - educating a prospect on the Cloud
  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Activity - assessing where a customer is on the adoption journey
  • Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Capex vs Opex
  • Selling the Cloud to the CFO
  • Selling the Cloud to Business Leaders
  • Activity - putting it all together
Cloud Selling Boot Camp

  • The Cloud Story
  • Being the Navigator for Your Customer's Journey
  • Cloud Stages of Adoption
  • Your Customer's Customer
  • Activity: Customer Obsession Mindset
  • Research Best Practices
  • Activity: Case Study-Applying Research Best Practices
  • Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
  • Technology and Business Perspectives
  • Building your Value Hypothesis
  • Activity: Building and Testing Your Value Hypothesis
  • Strategic Inquiry
  • Activity: Validating Your Hypothesis Through Discovery
  • Focus on the outcomes
  • Activity: Case Study-Preparing for Business Conversations
  • Building and Strengthening Your Value Proposition
  • Activity: Educating from the same side of the table
  • Introducing your Value Proposition
  • Discussing the competition
  • Activity: Handling Common Objections
  • Gaining Access to Key Stakeholders
  • Activity: Tailoring Your Message
  • Discussing Price
  • Activity: Gaining Customer Buy In
  • The Agreement Ladder
  • Activity: Storytelling
  • Activity: Case Study Roleplay - Putting It All together
  • Next Steps

Advanced Cloud Selling Strategies

  • Learn about the 5 domains of digital transformation
  • Be able to apply 3 digital transformation tools relevant to your customers' business
  • Apply a unique version of the Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment to help your customers identify the biggest gaps in their business model
  • Develop a plan for improving sales performance by providing greater value-added insight to your key customers most challenging digital transformation goals

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