Customer Service Training

Improve Customer Service Skills

What's the value of a loyal customer? Studies show that just a 5% increase in customer retention increases an organization's profitability by 25% to 100%. This is because getting a new customer costs 5-12 times as much as keeping an existing one... and because loyal customers will increase their purchasing over time.

Customer Service Training

There is no business function that is more critical to boosting a company's bottom line than delivering exceptional customer service. Baker Communications' Exceptional Customer Service training performance improvement programs and courses will enable your team members to build rapport with customers faster, handle customer emotions effectively, and create solutions that will lead to deeper customer satisfaction.


  • Build rapport with customers faster
  • Effectively handle emotional and frustrated customers
  • Control nerves and speak like a professional
  • Plan and design quality visual aids

Exceptional Customer Service

Anyone who works with customers will increase customer satisfaction by honing Exceptional Customer Service Skills.

Customer Service for IT Professionals

Enhance technical expertise with more effective communication and customer service skills learned in this workshop

Virtual Exceptional Customer Service

Based on four interactive, 90-minute live virtual modules utilizing virtual collaboration tools that will engage each and every participant.

Customer Service Assessment

This 16 question assessment tool surveys participants’ knowledge of effective customer service skills.

Discover the difference that improving customer service skills can make for you and for entire organizations:

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