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Our customers' success has been our first priority. That's why our customers love us - and stick around for decades.

In fact, our very first client from 35 years ago, Conoco (now Conoco Phillips), is still our client today!

Baker Communications are very proud of our clients, here is one of the latest, T- Mobile U.S.A. has been chosen as #1 Learning! 100 for unifying the ‘Un-Carrier’ vision at the sales level after partnering with Baker Communications and Cloud Coaching International:

Seven Clients Win 2017 Learning! 100 Awards for Their Innovative & High-Performing Learning Cultures:

  • #1 - T-Mobile (private sector)
  • #2 - Amazon Web Services (private sector)
  • #2 - American Heart Association (public sector)
  • #5 - Ingersoll Rand (private sector)
  • #12 - Honeywell ADI (private sector)
  • #23 - World Fuel Services (private sector)
  • #42 - Sysco (private sector)

We work hand in hand with our clients to deliver major breakthroughs. See the results they’ve experienced – and what we could do for you.

The Secret to Sales Enablement and Customer Obsession

Join Walter Rogers, CEO of CCI Global Holdings, and a panel of three of our customers at the Sales Summit - Dreamforce 2016. Joe Anzalone from Amazon Web Services, Melissa Nelson Tate from Ingersoll-Rand, and Seth Bartlett from Sapient provide insider tips on how they achieved their award-winning performance, and moved their companies to the "best of the best" when it comes to outstanding customer satisfaction.

What people are saying about us

"My energy level went up as I forced myself to use it and began seeing that it (Salesforce) can help me...I felt like Pam understood me and was empathetic. I am a fan of the mobile version [of Salesforce CRM], because I am out a lot. Now that I have one work phone, I am not doubling the work. I like everything streamlined, and having my calendar and tasks in one place. I thought I was organized, but I had follow up notes on different pads of paper, in the cash report, files, sticky notes and through emails. So it is nice to have one place to go for everything. It took me awhile to put even one opportunity in, but now that I am used to it, it is nice (and quick and easy) to have a place to go where I can see all pipeline opportunities. I am late in the game, but I am in the game.‚

Jackie Meddles, Sales

The team's feedback on the training was outstanding, but most importantly they were able to put these new skills to use immediately. Rep sales productivity increased by 25% in terms of quarterly sales bookings, and pipeline increased by 30%. In terms of what that translates to in dollars that would be $1.5M in annualized revenue and $6M in pipeline. We continue to work with the Baker Communications Team and I am happy to give them a strong recommendation for any organization looking to improve the ability of their sales team to understand client drivers and win more deals.

Paul Jacoby,
SVP of Sales and Client Services

Participating in Baker's leadership programs have been a game changer for me professionally. His inspirational and engaging approach has accelerated my ability to impact my team, and most importantly, the performance of my business.

In 15 years of enterprise software, I have been involved in a countless number of sales enablement programs, of which, none have provided me with the real world experience and refreshing approach that Baker has to offer.

I would recommend Baker's sales expertise to any leader that is building a high performing team.

Ryan Fincher, Regional Director
Southwest at QlikTech

The class size was one of the major reasons why I chose Baker and as expected it provided a fantastic atmosphere for the class to share and learn from the instructor as well as each other. I also felt the class materials were used effectively to help me understand the methods recommended by Baker. The process and group activities helped to organize and clarify why time management is critical to goal achievement.

Thomas A. Reis, Senior Project Manager
American Express

I'd like to sincerely thank you for the excellent quality of the Win-Win Negotiations course that your organization held for my group at AMD. The skills that were taught during the class have proven to be very valuable to my team.

Dave Kaplowitz, Division Developer Relations Manager

Thank you so much the presentation training you provided last week. I thought the class material was excellent.

I went into the class thinking I already knew how to deliver effective presentations, and came out of the class realizing just how much better I can become. I particularly enjoyed the training on effective hand gestures, and plan on incorporating more gestures into all of my presentations.

Ryan Quarles, Sales Representative
Dell, Inc.

My sales manager was asking me what accelerated my sales the last two months and I told her it was the course from Baker Communications that I took. My manager has already pre-approved me for another course. I figured out that I sold an additional $300,000 in products in the month of December.

Shelley Dobson, Female Healthcare Executive Representative

... Thank you for the outstanding Exceptional Presentations workshops your organization provided Bank of America - the feedback we receive is among the best of any of our courses...

Mark Dimm VP Development and Training
Bank of America

This class was the best professional training I've had in years!

Overall, I learned that the role of the manager is not to know how to execute the detailed areas of expertise of the employees (which I've been trying to do for a year now). The manager's role is to enable communication and to coordinate time tables, projects and resources to enhance employee development and achieve company goals.

Valerie Campbell, Production Support Manager
Atlas Air, Inc.

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