Course Outcomes:

  • Identify tips and tools for better dealing with difficult situations
  • Apply the Johari Window to deepen self and team awareness
  • Implement the 3F model
  • Understand your own behavioral style and those of others
  • Practice skills to communicate with other behavioral styles
  • Explore methods of effective communication for listening and talking
  • Eliminate barriers to effective communication
  • Discover tools to overcome miscommunication
  • Handle and de-escalate conflict
  • Build rapport and chemistry with individuals
  • Distinguish the skills to strengthen and heal relationships

Looking for tools and skills on how to deal with difficult people? 

Every one of us must occasionally deal with unpleasant, rude, or even hostile conversations in the workplace. We wish our interactions with everyone else could always be positive, but the reality is otherwise. In our Dealing with Difficult People workshop, we teach participants straightforward strategies and processes to help them understand and work with difficult people and unpleasant conversations. Course participants will learn our strategy of “breakthrough communications.”  

We will show you how to get past any adversarial standoff by developing a set of communication tools that can open dialogue, build trust, and resolve confusion. Helpful role-plays and small group activities give you hands-on practice using these new skills so you will have confidence to use them when you return to the workplace.

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