To Our Employees, Partners, and The Customers We Serve

Baker Communications is firmly committed to support a diverse market with an equally diverse organization. At our very core, we believe that diversity is the source of our strength, and that it will keep us growing to new heights of success. Diversity gives us new vision where there were blind spots. It gives us compassion where none had existed. It reframes our collective viewpoint. But most importantly, diversity unleashes our combined imagination.

We live and work in a world that is created from a multitude of races, religions, and beliefs. BCI firmly believes that every person has the right to feel safe, to be seen, and to be heard. BCI further understands that minorities have a unique vulnerability in our society, and it is that vulnerability that needs to be recognized and addressed by all of us. We want our customers, partners, and employees to know that we are committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. It's at the core of our company's culture.

We also acknowledge that you cannot truly understand inclusion unless you've experienced exclusion. We know that equality is hard to grasp if you have not suffered at the hand of inequality. But we also know that real progress oftentimes follows adversity when it is addressed with intention, urgency, and common decency. We believe that this is one of those moments in our society's history. We hereby join with other thought-leaders who are committed to continually growing, learning, and evolving as a civilization.