Course Outcomes:

  • Comprehend the three levels of communication
  • Write a clear purpose statement
  • Identify different behavior styles and how they affect communication
  • Determine means to communicate effectively
  • Practice the various forms of communication: reports, emails, and letters
  • Choose the necessary resources to deliver an effective message
  • Review important skills relating to grammar and composition
  • Critique personal writing style
  • Learn strategies for effective editing

Communication is a shared understanding of the meaning of a message.

Effective Business Writing is designed with individual contributors, staff assistants, team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives in mind. Anyone wishing to compose more professional, effective written communications will benefit greatly from this course, as will those who desire to boost productivity and improve the impact of their writing on clients and co-workers.

This highly interactive one-day workshop is designed to help the business communicator improve their writing skills through preparation, organization, and exploring the needs of the reader, as well as providing assistance with common grammar, spelling errors, and basic editing.

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