Course Outcomes:

  • Learn how different types of people communicate
  • Understand the process of communication
  • Discover how to open up the lines of communication and ensure two-way feedback
  • Why the words you use aren't the entire message, and why that matters·
  • The five most important characteristics of good communication
  • The major barriers to clear communication, and how to overcome them
  • How to navigate and defuse conflicts, disagreements, and difficult conversations
  • Practice an effective listening strategy that really works

Having Trouble Getting Your Message Across?

Gain the skills to communicate proficiently with Baker Communication's Effective Communication & Listening Skills course.

Have you ever walked away from a conversation with another person and felt that they failed to hear a single word you said? Have you ever realized that you’re not really processing or understanding what the other person is saying?

If you sometimes feel like you just aren’t getting your message across, you know that communication isn’t just talking, and listening isn’t the same thing as hearing. Making and sensing noises is something most animals can do, but true communication between humans is a conscious and active effort to encode and decode complex messages. This class is designed to help you overcome communication pitfalls by practicing what you learn, providing peer feedback, and putting proven skills and techniques into play.

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