Course Outcomes:

  • Discover your communication style
  • Detect and adapt to your audience’s needs and styles
  • Capture your audience’s attention quickly and keep them engaged throughout
  • Conduct engaging presentations from ramp-up to wrap-up
  • Create a compelling message using Baker Communication’s E.P.I.C. Presentation structure
  • Establish your presence – conquer nerves and build credibility
  • Convey meaning and energy through verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Use PowerPoint to visually tell the story
  • Deal with tough questions and audience members
  • Implement virtual audience engagement practices

Having Trouble Getting Your Message Across?

Master the skills of powerful presentations with Baker Communication's Exceptional Presentations course.

The fact is, most people – even experienced, successful presenters - are faced with some level of presentation anxiety.

But it’s not just the act of presenting that is such a challenge – it’s what comes after. Most of us aren’t presenting for fun. We have a reason to be there – pitch an idea, make a sale, influence a decision, raise awareness, or make the case for a raise or promotion.

So, how do you ensure that your presentation creates the impact you are hoping for? With great content that you believe in, a process that is easy to follow and techniques you can put to use immediately. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to practice, practice, practice. Through this, you will walk away from your session better prepared to present with confidence.

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