Fuel-IQ Release 3.0.0


  • Personal data for leaders has been added.
  • You can now create custom groups of activities.
  • The BCI Sales Excellence Series can be assigned and accessed directly from within Fuel-IQ.
  • MFA is now supported at the individual level and at the organization level.


  • Leaders have been added to the chart view under Hierarchy
  • When selecting activities for action plans, competencies that don't have available activities are greyed out.
  • You can now filter on "No Value" in the reporting engine.
  • Organization superusers can now invite other organization superusers.
  • Under "Short Term Priorities" on user's dashboards, yellow items sort to the top of the list.
  • Under "Competency Comparisons", the minimum value for a competency strength and the role based average score have been added to the charts.
  • The companion guides in the resources section have been updated.
  • The user type report in the "Reporting Engine" now include sales enablement and superusers.
  • "Tactical Competencies" has been renamed to "Management Competencies" for managers.


  • There was a situation where if a team had no salespeople on it and the user looked at certain competencies, they would get a blank screen.
  • If some users did not have values for certain competencies, rollup views containing those users would display misleading statistics. The rollups now display the percentage of users with "No Value".
  • When assigning activities from "Power Search", some activities were not showing up.
  • You can now sort on competencies in the "Reporting Engine"