Simplify Your Assessment Data with Baker’s Fuel-IQ

According to Spotio, 65% of employees say the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement. 

What is Fuel-IQ?

Fuel-IQ is a strategic product that gives leaders insight into the specific behaviors they can coach their sales team on that will move the needle. This technology allows sellers to dive deeper into skill gaps, create their own personal action plans inside the system, and attach learning activities to the plan. Sales managers can also assign learning activities to their team and have access to their personal action plans. Fuel-IQ is also preloaded with Baker’s Sales Mastery on Demand E-learning.

How Does Fuel-IQ work?

After each participant completes their sales-specific assessment, Fuel-IQ analyzes all the data to create a simplified view of each individual’s strengths and areas of improvement. Sellers can access their personalized view and dive deeper into the data to see specific data points contributing to their overall score. Fuel-IQ also uses AI to recommend a list of short-term priorities for the best growth in the shortest amount of time.

Sales Manager View

As a sales manager, you will have a view of your entire team’s evaluations. Get into the weeds of your team’s skill gaps and assign activities to one sales rep or many. As a sales manager, you also have access to reporting capabilities listed below.

Reporting capabilities:

  • Bulk Reporting
    • See the evaluation results of your sales team and where trends might be to assign activities for improvement. You can also view reps who excel in specific competencies to plan and set up mentoring programs.
  • Bulk activity assignments
    • The ability to assign activities in bulk to those who fit selected criteria
      • For example, selling in times of economic downfall can be mapped out to different competencies. As a manager, you can search for those in your team who struggle in those specific competencies and assign activities to improve those attributes.

How Does Fuel-IQ Shorten Training Time?

How Does Fuel-IQ Reduce Sales Enablement Workload?

Most sales organizations are not able to create individualized training plans because they lack the tools to identify weaknesses and then map those weaknesses to training content. The Fuel-IQ™ product allows sales enablement to get a simplified overview of their organization's pain points and use underlying data to provide a list of short-term recommended priorities.

By getting a detailed view into each seller and their unique profile, Sales Leaders will be able to gain a deeper understanding into where their sales organization is struggling and how to close the gaps to increase quota attainment and hit sales goals.

Fuel-IQ is a part of Baker’s Sales Enablement Journey which brings a sales organization through the process of sales enablement. This journey starts with assessing your team, then delivering individualized learning paths, reinforcing those elements, and then reassessing your team for continuous growth. Data shows that organizations with sales enablement can lead to a 6% - 20% increase in sales*1. Baker’s Sales Enablement Journey can adapt to a variety of different sales methodologies to provide the best outcomes for your unique organization.

*1 – Source

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