Management Training

Learn strategic management techniques

Management Training

Managers are judged and valued according to the performance of the entire team, not just on their own merits. Management is a constant challenge - balancing the morale and welfare of team members with the demands of the business, managing time and project schedules, allocating resources, and evaluating results.

Managers today face a multitude of challenges in a dynamic work environment that requires focused and professional management practices. Learn strategic management techniques to promote efficiency and productivity, bringing out the absolute best in individuals and teams.


  • Understand how to communicate with and motivate team members
  • Assess and manage employee performance
  • Prepare and deliver effective feedback and evaluations
  • Handle conflict and other problems within the team

Exceptional Management Skills

Enables managers to develop techniques for communication, conflict management, motivation, delegation, and evaluation.

Assertiveness Skills

Highly interactive, practice driven program that will empower your team members to become truly assertive

Coaching Skills

Participants will receive training in best practice such as building rapport, levels of listening, using your intuition, asking questions, and giving and receiving feedback.

Conflict Management

Participants learn straightforward strategies and processes to help them understand and work with difficult people and unpleasant conversations.

Exceptional Interviewing Skills

Learn to understand EEO requirements and implement consistent face-to-face interviews that allow the organization to make the right selection.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Learn to read financial statements, calculate their ratios, evaluate projects, discuss their key numbers and understand their financial role in the organization.

Project Management

Designed with individual contributors, staff assistants, team leaders, supervisors, managers and account executives in mind.

Team Building

Introduce yourself and your team to best practice strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of your team.

Virtual Exceptional Management

Enables managers to practice and develop techniques for communication, conflict management, motivation, delegation & evaluation.

Virtual Team Building

This Virtual Team Building program explores the key areas of team dynamics focusing on those most critical to virtual teams.

Management/Leadership Assessment

This 19 question assessment tool surveys participants’ current level of proficiency in the area of management and leadership skills.

Discover the difference that improving management skills can make for you and for entire organizations:

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