Course Outcomes:

  • Conduct face-to-face interviews during a crisis
  • Manage a crisis situation safely and effectively
  • Satisfy the media's needs, while working for your company’s interests at the same time
  • Present accurate information without being "sandbagged," or appearing misinformed
  • Plan your presentation, remaining informed & professional under the pressure
  • Maintain control of the most challenging of situations despite scrutiny from the public

Can you get the media working with you instead of against you?

How successfully you handle your relations with the media may make the difference between a major "public relations disaster" and enhancing both your company's image and your career. There is a "wrong" way and a "right" way to handle relations with the media.

This Crisis Media training focuses on the need for successful media interactions. It’s a hands-on workshop, with extensive use of video feedback, giving participants the tools necessary to work with the media during a crisis. After completing training, your employees will have the skills necessary to confidently and correctly manage media contacts.

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