Negotiations Training

Winning with Win-Win Negotiations

We all negotiate every single day. But that doesn't make it easier - especially when we want to keep a strong relationship with the other party.

Negotiation Training

We all negotiate every single day - at home, at work, and in the grocery line. Yet, despite this constant practice, 68% of us are anxious about negotiating and 86% of us want to become better negotiators.

Learn to negotiate for what you need while strengthening relationships with customers, colleagues, and even friends and family members


  • Reduce discounts by your Sales team
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Avoid and decrease organizational conflict
  • Be confident in any negotiation situation

Win-Win Negotiations

Anyone looking to improve their personal and professional negotiation skills will benefit from Win-Win Negotiations

Negotiating With Limited Authority

Negotiating With Limited Authority teaches participants how to win negotiations, even if they are not the highest ranking employee involved.

Advanced Negotiations

Develop the more advanced skills that can make the difference between getting what you want and settling for what the other side will give you.

Virtual Win-Win Negotiations

Strengthen the negotiation skills of any negotiator through extensive role-playing, interactive exercises, real-life field work and team coaching.

Negotiations Assessment

This 15 question assessment tool will survey and measure participants’ current level of proficiency in the area of negotiation skills.

Discover the difference that improving negotiation skills can make for you and for entire organizations:

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