Course Outcomes:

  • Discover the strategies and tools needed to oversee the project
  • Identify your own behavioral style and flex to other styles
  • Provide common thinking methodology and language for project management at all levels of the organization
  • Articulate a clearly defined project plan and its outcomes
  • Demonstrate a strong customer focus throughout
  • Build relationships within your team
  • Master the 4 key elements of effective project management

Are you having trouble keeping your projects original timeline?

In today's workplace, "projects" are an integral part of people's daily work activities. They range from personally initiated, informal, ad hoc undertakings to formally assigned task team assignments. Regardless of their size, scope, or degree of formality they are best accomplished by using a proven skill set. Successful project management is predicated on a two-pronged approach: a people-orientation and a task-orientation.

The Project Management program is designed with individual contributors, staff assistants, team leaders, supervisors, managers, and account executives in mind. All the concepts, principles, techniques, tools and guidelines routinely used by professional project managers will be taught in this class. Major components of the course are:

  • The PROJECT - Defining how the project fits into or supports the vision, objectives, and strategies of the organization to attain the motivation and commitment necessary for successful completion.
  • The PROJECT LEAD - Understanding the effects of human interactions on planning, accepting accountability, monitoring, and controlling progress, as well as accomplishment and achieving agreed-upon results.
  • The PROJECT PLAN - Using a participatory process to develop the project objective, performance standards, work steps, timetable and resources required to meet the timetable.
  • THE PROJECT OUTCOME - Understanding how individual behavior affects project planning and execution.

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