Course Outcomes:

  • Implement goal setting in your prospecting efforts
  • Create Rapid Based Call Plans for prospects, which validate the outcomes and lead to further sales discussions
  • Use Prospecting Opening Strategies to craft emails that lead to customer conversations
  • Leverage LinkedIn strategies to support successful prospecting approaches
  • Establish early rapport and connection with prospects that lead to deeper discussions on their outcomes and needs
  • Apply the Call Opening Flow as a way to facilitate agreement to next steps in prospecting efforts
  • Focus on the customer and understand their outcomes
  • Explore the Staircase Agreement to encourage Prospect engagement and exploration
  • Handle obstacles and reach gatekeepers

Have trouble getting in touch and closing deals with prospects? Are you looking to take your prospecting to the next level?

This High Performance Prospecting program connects world class sales skills and tools built over 40 years training hundreds of thousands of expert sales teams with your real-time, real-world sales situations.

High Performance Prospecting is a highly interactive workshop integrating prospect data, prospecting processes, skills and tools to help your sales team find, connect and engage with quality prospects.

Your sales team will spend the majority of their time working through prospecting exercises. This highly targeted workshop will ensure new customer acquisition and long-term skill retention, maximizing client value.

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