Gamified Training Reinforcement

A quick, easy, and FUN way to reinforce learning

  • Gamification program using "micro-engagement" - multiple, quick daily interactions
  • Get 10+ interactions per user every week, reinforcing key training
  • See measurable results in less than 3 minutes a day
  • Improve performance by strengthening users' on-the-spot recall
  • Drive retention of learning in a fun, competitive, and rewarding way
  • Improve understanding of key concepts with prescriptive learning paths for missed answers

Research has shown that without reinforcement, trainees forget most of the class material over time.

After 30 days, they may only remember 10%-20% of what they learned.

With reinforcement and by engaging repeatedly with the content, recall dramatically increases. Trainees remember more - up to 80%-90% of what they learned!

ReCall reinforcement sends users just a few questions a day, a few times a week, presented in a fast-paced quiz format.

It allows participants to compete with colleagues, win prizes - and most importantly, to really retain and internalize learning over time - all in just minutes a day!

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