Sales enablement

Sales Enablement for the Data-Driven World

How Baker's Sales Enablement Solutions Utilize Data to Improve Sales Performance

  • Assess: Adopt a modern approach that utilizes data to inform and drive all aspects of the sales process, including hiring, training, coaching, and measuring success.
  • Activate: Set a new standard for sales and coaching by leveraging data and empowering individualized competency development based on unique seller strengths and gaps.
  • Actualize: Embed the Data-Driven Sales Enablement process by operationalizing it within your organization's sales management practices and culture.


Assess the current state of your sales team, including sellers, managers, and leaders, by leveraging predictive data. Use insights gained from the assessment to engage leaders in developing a path towards the future state.

Analyze your sales team's performance through Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA). The SEIA provides a complete view of each sales role, identifies gaps between current and potential performance, and highlights personalized competency gaps to improve performance over time.

The SEIA measures the following:

  • 2.5M sellers
  • 450M data points
  • 91% predictive validity
  • 100+ micro-learning activities
  • 21+ competencies
  • 180 behaviors

Lead the way with Leading the Way Workshops, designed to help leaders improve their coaching and leadership competencies, build trust, and navigate change and accountability with their teams. SEIA results are delivered to the organization through Leading the Way, connecting leaders with sellers to build action plans and provide coaching. Leading the Way workshops are available for executives, people leaders, and sellers, ranging from 3 hours to 4 hours of virtual workshop and asynchronous learning.

Accelerate the journey with a 2-day Strategic Executive Accelerator Session. The session allows for collaboration with key stakeholders, identification of cultural and systemic issues, and gaining agreement on program structure and scope. The Strategic Executive Accelerator Session is designed to decrease the time from data to execution.


Activate and ignite your sales team with personalized training, coaching, and development paths for Sellers, Managers, and Leaders.

Coach your team with the 360-coaching approach. This approach enables sales leaders to supply comprehensive coaching to their teams, using data-driven insights to guide their efforts and provide feedback.

Sell with a unified selling methodology. A consistent approach and messaging lead to a better customer experience and improved outcomes. We can align to your current sales methodology or implement our methodology, Outcome Selling, which anchors on what matters most to the customer.

Develop your team with FuelPacks, which offer personalized, asynchronous learning. Each FuelPack focuses on a specific skill set essential for success in sales. They can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it easy for sales professionals to fit learning into their busy schedules.


Actualize the data, training, and coaching while cementing the competencies and behaviors into the operations of your organization.

Operationalize Sales Growth with Pathways to Growth. Build upon the insights gained from data and training and integrate them into your organization's DNA. This comprehensive program supplies a consistent approach to managing and measuring sales behaviors and routines across your organization, ensuring continued growth.

Visualize Success with Fuel-IQ. Fuel-IQ is a powerful platform that offers role-based access to data findings and competencies and enable coach through the creation of Personal Action Plans for skill enhancement. With over 100 micro-learning assets, users can create customized activities and prioritize coaching initiatives based on individual needs.

Hire Right with Ideal Rep Profile. During the Accelerate stage, BCI (Baker Communications Inc) will work with you to create an Ideal Rep Profile (IRP) for all new hires, aligning with your organization's unique needs. Use data-driven insights to hire the right talent and ensure their success in driving sales growth.