See How SalesDiagnostic® Can Help

"It Costs $581,700 to Replace a $1,000,000 Seller"

  • Learn the unique combination of sales competencies and proficiencies that make your top sellers the best.
  • Learn what your top sellers are doing differently from your bottom sellers and the skills that separate them.
  • Receive your high-performance sales hiring profiles.
  • Experience how our predictive data results are accurate for your company's unique roles and industry.

What is SalesDiagnostic®?

It's our no-cost proof of concept to meet your sales team where they are, provide a strategy to improve the bottom performers and gain the tools you need to reduce your turnover rates.

The SalesDiagnostic® measures 21 seller-specific competencies and uses 400 million data points to determine your unique role-based "excellence benchmark." These 21 competencies are broken down into 3 distinct categories, key selling competencies, mindset findings, and seller's "will to sell." The key selling competencies are readily trainable, and we've mapped them to appropriate training topics. The mindset findings are the seller's DNA and the seller's "will to sell" are the attitudes and grit to each seller. Many of the competencies in these latter categories lend themselves to coaching by a professional coach and/or sales managers.

You use data to track our steps, how much water you drink each day, sleep cycles, and even how you brush our teeth. Why aren't you using data to upskill your revenue and grow revenue? Predictive data gives you the strategy you can act on NOW. See how data can provide you with the roadmap to bring your organization to the next level.

Are you ready to allow objective data to drive your sales performance and revolutionize how you do business? Get started with the FREE SalesDiagnostic® today!