Sales Training

Improving Sales Skills

Sales organizations are always looking for ways to boost performance. Yet productivity has been on a downward slide for the past few years - in fact, it has been deteriorating at an average of 8% - and the percentage of reps making quota is just 58% (CSO Insights).

It's time to turn the trend around by shifting the sales mentality from products to customers and by enabling sales managers to provide the leadership, tools, and accountability that teams desperately need.

Sales Training

Baker Communications' sales training courses deliver end-to-end performance improvement systems that integrate strategy, customer assessment, top-of-the-line performance sales training and sales management coaching.

Each of our sales training solutions is led by one of our certified professional sales trainers - all of whom are expert sales people and facilitators with a proven ability to tailor the training to your specific goals.


  • Understand why buyers make the decision to buy
  • Analyze customer needs and communicate value
  • Enlarge and control the sales pipeline
  • Run sales teams more effectively
  • Win more customers and close more sales

Customer Outcome Selling

Customer Outcome Selling , you'll learn how to build relationships by focusing on the customer's desired outcomes throughout the sales cycle.

Pathways to Growth

Drive sales productivity, efficiency, and alignment through key disciplines from the Pathways to Growth Sales Management System.

Account & Territory Planning

Sales representatives will learn how to reduce the habit of being reactionary (addiction to panic) and being proactive at creating demand.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

The goal of this class is to help you achieve that powerful but rare pinnacle of customer trust often referred to as the Trusted Advisor.

Cold Calling & Prospecting

Integrates highly targeted prospect data, processes, skills and tools to help your sales team find, connect and engage with quality prospects.

Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative Selling Skills teaches sales organizations and people to stop “pushing” their products and start “pulling” customers.

Enhancing Your Professional Image

Present yourself and interact with others confidently and with polish after Enhancing Your Professional Image.

Executive Sales Communications

After this workshop, Reps can demonstrate the best practices for Executive engagement and grow their confidence for presenting within the C-suite

Proposal Writing

This workshop equips sales makers with the necessary knowledge and skills required to write effective sales proposals and executive summaries.

Referral Selling

Overcome the fear of asking for referrals by acquiring the skills needed to deepen the trust relationship with existing clients.

Rev Gen Plays

Designed for sales managers who need a more disciplined and structured process for generating qualified pipeline.

Sales Mastery as a Service

Contains 15 high impact modules designed to further enhance the success of any sales maker through continuous learning and application.

Telephone Selling

Telephone Selling Skills is a one-day seminar teaching the necessary skills to increase your sales and profitability.

Ultimate Sales Coach

The Ultimate Sales Coach is a two-day workshop targeting the development of Sales Coaching Skills for front-line sales managers.

Virtual Consultative Selling Skills

Consultative Selling Skills teaches sales organizations and people to stop “pushing” their products and start “pulling” customers.

Outcome Selling Assessment

This 22 question assessment survey will determine users’ level of knowledge around Customer Outcome Selling.

Pathways to Growth Assessment

This 11 question, highly focused survey will assess the current state of the sales organization’s culture, processes, and development.

Discover the difference that improving sales skills can make for you and for entire organizations.

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