Course Outcomes:

  • Identify when, why, and where you want to tell stories with impact
  • Connect to the currencies that will help you influence others through your storytelling
  • Create a powerful story using the storytelling framework & avoid common story pitfalls
  • Explore the basic 4 principles of the story framework

Looking to improve your storytelling skills?

Walt Disney. William Shakespeare. Charles Dickens. Leymah Gbowee. All of these people are powerful storytellers. Not only with words, but with visuals, body language, and even their actions. They have made a livelihood by telling stories. Being a good storyteller will not just boost your confidence at social gatherings, but it can also benefit you in your professional career. Stories help people connect with our message and remember what we say. As a seller, presenting a story to your prospects will not only provide a connection point, but will also help you build trust and nurture the relationship for the best outcomes for both parties.

The Power of Storytelling will guide you through the importance of a powerful story. You will learn how to organize and capture the attention of your audience whether big or small. Learn how to take your storytelling to the next level. You will learn the process of analyzing what your listener or audience wants to hear and how to present it in the most effective manner. By the end of this course, you will be able to organize and capture the attention of your audience, whether big or small.

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