Course Outcomes:

  • Identify factors that impact time management behaviors
  • Use new criteria for targeting the results you want
  • Develop a goal-based strategy using the EAST Model
  • Build time management habits that last
  • Learn to counter interruptions and other time bandits
  • Apply tools that help advance your plan towards your goals

Having Trouble Getting Everything Done?

Gain the Skills to Manage Time Proficiently with Baker Communication's Exceptional Time Management course.

The most common problem in time management is the tendency to be reactive rather than proactive. Instead of planning for constructive use of time and working towards long-term goals, most people spend their days reacting to external pressures.

Our Time Management workshop will teach you to recognize what is stealing your time and put you back in the drivers seat. Through powerful and effective time management best practices that enable you to maximize workloads, scheduling, and communications you will have the tools to be more effective and efficient every day.

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