Course Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between presenting and facilitating
  • Articulate what is important to an adult learner
  • Keep your audience engaged from the very beginning
  • Demonstrate the top ten facilitator guidelines
  • Use your voice to bring energy to the message
  • Establish your virtual video presence

How Can You Keep Your Audience Engaged and Learning?  

For almost 40 years, Baker Communications has been delivering award-winning corporate training solutions to America's leading companies. Baker Communications has pioneered training models for areas such as business negotiation and business presentations.

For most of our history, there have been only two ways to access our powerful training products. You could enroll in one of the hundreds of public courses we conduct across North America every year, or you could join the thousands of companies who have asked us to design custom versions of our course offerings and present them on-site to their select staff members.

We are now in a virtual led world. There are organizations that are purely remote with no intent of changing this. How can you make sure your training keeps the audience engaged while also providing the valuable information that your learners need to succeed? Become an engaging and effective facilitator in our Train the Trainer workshop.

Baker's Train-the-Trainer Solutions offers another exciting training option - one that will allow you to provide your company with exceptional, round-the-clock training resources to keep your staff sharp and your productivity climbing 365 days a year!

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